Hi, I'm Lena

I am a junior web developper.

My favorite color is purple. That's how the name of my website appeared.

I started learnig programming in September 2022 and here is my first full-scale project.

I am looking forward to working in your team and I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and further improve my developer skills.

Projects Skills

A bit about me

Working in web development has always been my dream. First my curiosity made me discover the world of digital illustration and design. It was a logical path taking into account that I liked drawing myself. I invite you to check my works.

Looking back at my professional experience, I think web development is a logical choice for me. I like modern technologies, always ready to learn something new, I am patient and okay with spending several hours on finding out a small bug.

It's challenging to restart your carrier almost from scratch, find yourself again being a student who is making the first baby steps in building her experience. But nevertheless, I feel that I am on the right way.


Masters of International Relations
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Year of graduation: 2015


English - C1

French - B1

Russian - native


Want to know more my work?

Work experience

5+ years in FMCG business
American multinational corporation PepsiCo Inc.
What did I get?
Huge professional boost, deep knowledge of FMCG business, excellent organisational and comunication skills.
From 2013 to 2019

IT Skills

HTML/CSS/SASS & Tailwind basics


Laravel basics


Github & Git Version Control

Photoshop & Illustrator

What are my skills?


IT world is a constantly changing environment. To make your work well it is necessary to adapt the best practicies and discover new frameworks. Laravel is a universal tool for effective web development.

I enjoy learning this framework with the series Laravel 8 From Scratch by Jeffrey Way on

My projects

Project 1 - TO-DO List Project

The very first attempt to apply the PHP knowledge to create a real project with a practical value.
I made a website to create your personilised TO-DO List.
This project appeared after the course The PHP Practitioner by Jeffrey Way on This was the first PHP course finished in my life. I modified the original code of the course to create my first full CRUD cycle based on to-do list concept. As well I added an authentication layer that is essential for modern websites. In Task section you can create your tasks and edit them.

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